Melissa Barousse Sarat
old mauve wicker chaise lounge in side garden with rose vines

hidden garden ~ seen through wisteria arbour

east garden area


plum iris

Melissa Sarat summer porch
summer porch

afternoon sun ~ east garden with barn view

golden iris


yellow garden door with morning glory vines


oh, those lilies

garden vanity and Aunt Mary's roses

rose arbor and vintage wicker chair


july lilies ~ middle garden

aunt mary's roses

edinburgh poppy

Melissa Sarat delphiniums

dad's memorial blue planter

melissa's chair

painted south kitchen wall

Painted wall rose design Melissa Sarat
painted west kitchen wall

dining room into kitchen

dining room


painted stairwell

upstairs hallway

painted bunting in stairwell

country studio view

town studio view

stargazer medley ~ middle garden

new orleans lady and painted hallway

country studio still-life with robin's nest and eggs,
Talking Heads to the right

town studio ~ Melissa and painting, Post Tipping Point

fledgling American Kestrel ~ garden visitor

Single peonies Melissa Sarat garden
corms of this old-fashioned single peony were given to me by
Dorothy Rofe many years ago~ the photo was taken by Tommy

cane chair and rose of sharon

carriage house barn

melissa in her country studio with St. Frances at the right
and Ritirina in progress to the left

september garden door

passion flower


purple striped iris

sitting room