Indianapolis Art Center

New Orleans Table
oil paintings
Melissa Sarat

The following exhibition was curated by and the photgraphs were taken by:
David Kwasigroh,
Director of Exhibitions, Indianapolis Art Center

"New Orleans Table: Paintings by Melissa Sarat"
Indianapolis Art Center
visual art review
Posted on July 1, 2009 by Dan Grossman

In the painting that gives title to this show, you see items that you might
find in a New Orleans household during Mardi Gras. The warm colors
of the depicted fruit and the cool blue backdrop create the kind of vivid
contrasts that are common in Sarat’s work. Such still life depictions,
however, are the exception here (if you equate still with calm, that is).
In “Talking Heads” (oil on canvas), there are, well, talking heads --
on platters -- at eye level. As your eye travels upward, there’s a
perspective shift so that depicted items such as eggs seem to rest
atop the canvas, as if the canvas was a table and you were looking
down at it. But this isn’t the only way Sarat toys with perspective.
In the ominously titled "Post Tipping Point," a parrot dwarfs the human
faces depicted while peering out accusingly, as if indicting us for our
human-centered complacency.
Through Aug. 23; 317-255-2464,

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There’s nothing understated about New Orleans Table: Paintings
by Melissa Sarat. The exhibit, coming to the Indianapolis Art
Center, boasts canvases as loud and celebratory as the city it depicts.
And what better way to mark the IAC’s 75th anniversary this
summer? Sarat’s large-scale oil paintings scream with the vivid
colors and dreamlike imagery of Mardi Gras.
Through Aug. 23. Free. 820 E. 67th St. 255-2464

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You-review-it Monday June 28, 2009
A Ball Says:
June 29th, 2009 at 12:39 pm

On Sunday we went to the opening of the George Rickey
exhibit at the Indianapolis Art Center. 5 of Rickey’s large kenetic
sculptures are set in the beautiful grounds of the Artspark. It
was a windy day which was perfect to see how their
arms/circles/squares/cheverons moved in juxtaposition with
each other. Just when you think 2 will collide they gracefully
swoop/twirl away. Inside, 2 of the galleries are filled with models
of his larger pieces as well as several of his paintings. It is not to
be missed. It’s here until August 23.

And, as you enter the main hall at the Art Center, spend some
time with the paintings of Melissa Sarat. These large, vibrant
oils are her representation of Mardi Gras. Each one contains
hundreds of images - come back several times and you’ll find
something new in each one.








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